Raja Bahadur Venkata Rama Reddy Women’s College of Pharmacy


Attracting students through pamphlets, door to door consulting, newspapers, media advertisements and other traditional marketing techniques are becoming more and more obsolete. Since this a digital world, people are relying on digital tools such as websites and social media before making a decision. To have a nice, good looking, responsive website is must and should for any Educational Institution planning to attract not only local, but also national and international students Keeping this in mind RBVRR hired us to create a dynamic, organized website by which they can attract students from all over the world. www.rbvrrwcp.org/

Content Strategy

RBVRR has a lot to say, and the word needs to get out. Visitors to this website should be able to quickly find information about the college About Us, it’s Mission and Vision, Programme Education Objectives(PEO’s), Gallery and Achievements. We helped them organize this data in a very structured manner for the visitors to gain a good view over the institution.

Tidy Navigation

With large amount of content, it’s easier to get lost in the navigation bar scrolling through pages. Keeping this in mind our UI/UX team helped them design a clean and an efficient navigation bar to store only required top-level page links to ease the users effort in finding information such as Placements, Academics, Facilities e.t.c.

News Feed

This website is also provided with a horizontal marquee on the home page for displaying News Feeds. This allows the administrator to inform the viewers about all the recent events conducted at the college also about the achievements of their students.