Investment Banking

Investment Banking will Receive a Fillip by Identifying Core Focus Areas

Investment banking segment always faces regulatory changes. Regulatory scrutiny of essential functions like capital, risk management, liquidity, compliance, traded markets, and governance poses challenge to investment banking calling for automated BI solutions. The more you delay in this, the more you lose the market share to your competitors.

Investment banking thrives with IT enabled personalized solutions. JP Morgan termed investment banking as a non-growth sector. Does it mean that the situation cannot be turned around? Team Astrrix thinks otherwise. We feel we can make this into a growth area with strategic IT enabled solutions. Investment banks, you require:

  1. Sophisticated in-house applications
  2. Innovative customer-facing portals
  3. Transparency and security on many fronts

Against this challenge, Astrix Technology feels tailored or custom risk management and analytics solutions to investment banking companies. Banking segment requires robust solutions like automated testing, proliferating customer-facing portals, and safety features to respond effectively during this digital and mobile friendly era.

At Astrix, we aim to give banks high digital access to your products and services to customer mobile devices and other online platforms.

If your requirement is for Blockchain technology to reduce compliance cost by 50%, we can offer auditing friendly packages that don't require data reconciliation.

Investment Bankers, your shrinking revenue pools are our concerns. Avail custom IT applications from us and focus on your core strengths and increase your ROI. Collaborate with Astrix Team to raise bottom line profits by strategically focusing core priority areas.