Businesses, You Require Innovative Document Versioning Tools

Businesses and organizations, are you undergoing the phenomenon called contrasting data or unrelated data? Yes, this is a scenario where emails are unanswered, requests not addressed, and poor customer nonvoice support. Businesses can grow only with the help of highly scalable CMS platform well integrated with various web platforms. At Astrix, we offer robust CMS solutions to increase website traffic through SEO optimization, faster content creation, and its distribution online.

Organizations, you need a shared location to access content anywhere enabling third parties, remote workforces and mobile teams to manage records and share files. Manage content by yourself with our CMS. This is a broad picture where you manage multiple websites, links, banners, customers, content, etc. We suggest businesses to use our automated CMS technology to collate, compile, add, edit, content. Use our superior solutions to share, and manage content online or offline with meta data such as keywords and meta tags.

Increase reach and user engagement by enabling version controlling, link building and managing, incorporating security, etc. Go agile, use the right tools, frameworks, and automated processes to ensure top quality and results. Explore top notch CMS solutions for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PHP Nuke, DotNetNuke, etc. Partner with us for on-premises ECM technologies (for security reasons) or file sharing on cloud platforms.