Businesses Require Dynamic Web Applications

Your company may be highly reputed and successful. Still, you can face growth hurdles from slow web applications. In today’s fast paced scenarios, time is a premium and slow response of web app can result in customer’s loss of interest with your website, and this affects the fall of sales. It is in this context; Team Astrix identifies the following problems and takes a holistic approach to solve your problems:

  • Un-Optimized Databases
  • Poorly written code
  • Unmanaged Growth of data
  • Traffic spikes
  • Poor load distribution
  • Default configuration

We look at your security standards, quality levels; we pitch for solutions to ensure that performance levels are met.

To address these challenges, we offer Agile application development and deployment using open and updated technology. We look forward to simplifying and streamline your application design and development through visual modeling, instant code generation, and automatic deployment. This model enables faster development of enterprise class applications, improves developer productivity and reduces time to market.

Other than this, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) aids in improving scalability. We have the technology to create frameworks for development languages that help in:
• boosting performance
• offering libraries of coding and extending capabilities

Partner with us to develop complex enterprise and consumer-facing web- and mobile-based solutions. Let us together achieve results.